A Community Success – The Joy of Sharing!

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Joy of Sharing Event Sponsors

As we put the finishing touches on the past year and take a moment to reflect on 2021, we can’t help but stop and admire our second annual Joy of Sharing event! We were so impressed by our community’s generosity. When there is a call to help those who need it most in the Coulee Region, this community makes it happen.

Thank you to News Channel 8, Festival Foods, Wafer Food Pantry, Toys for Tots, and the Salvation Army for allowing us to be part of this great event. And the largest thank you goes to our incredible community for always making this event a success!


What is Joy of Sharing?

The Joy of Sharing was started in 2020 as a call for additional support for our community through the pandemic during the holiday season. News Channel 8 saw an opportunity and Castle Realty was lucky enough to jump on board – we knew it was something we wanted to be a part of right away!

At Castle Realty our Core Focus is “Business from the Heart” and we couldn’t imagine a better way to exemplify just that than by giving back to the community that supports us every day. As Alan, Castle Realty’s Broker and Owner said, “We have so many people giving today, we just can’t believe it!” And that truly is what Business from the Heart is about – it’s about coming together for the greater good of our community.

2021 Joy of Sharing

The second annual Joy of Sharing event took place Friday, December 3rd, 2021, outside the Festival Foods in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Crews from News Channel 8 and Castle Realty were stationed there from 6am to 6pm collecting nonperishable food items, unopened toys, and monetary donations. There was plenty of hustle and bustle and lots of hugs and great conversations from the passersby. We even had live music to help us get into the holiday spirit!

If you happened to stop by to drop off a donation, you may have noticed the large Castle Realty moving truck that we were trying to fill to its brim with toys and food—and boy, did we do just that! We collected over 800 toys, over 2,500 pounds of food, and raised over $19,000!

We continue to be amazed by this incredible community. We are so grateful to be a part of it and are already looking forward to an incredibly successful 2022 Joy of Sharing event!


The Future of the Joy of Sharing

This event is still in its infancy but there are no plans to stunt its growth. You can expect to see the Joy of Sharing event continue for years to come. Mark your calendars for the 2022 event Friday, December 2nd, 2022. Contact News Channel8 for additional information.

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