Benefits of Homeownership


Hey there from Castle Realty of La Crosse and First American Title on this happy Monday!
Are you thinking about owning a home? We’ve got 6 awesome reasons why it’s a great idea! Check them out below!

1) HAPPIENESS: Owning your own home is great. Fix it up, get a dog, plant a tree; make it your own!
2) TAX SAVINGS: Get excellent tax benefits and deduct the interest paid on your mortgage and other home-related expenses
3) APPRECIATION: Home values usually go up over time which become equity when you sell.
4) EQUITY: Part of your monthly payment goes toward the principal balance on your loan, which builds your equity.
5) ROOTS: Homeowners stay in their homes 4 times longer than renters, helping them build ties in their community!
6) EDUCATION: Homeowners’ students earn higher test scores and graduate at a higher percentage than those of renters.

But hey, we know there are tons of reasons to own a home, not just six. Share your thoughts with us!

Let’s chat this #merchantmonday and make homeownership even more exciting! Can’t wait to hear from you

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