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Adopt a Family 2021

It’s our favorite time of year at Castle Realty of La Crosse because we get to truly show what our value, “Be the Good in the World” means! As many of you know, we do Quarterly Pay It Forward campaigns here at Castle and partner with our agents, vendors, and local nonprofit organizations. It is such an amazing way to give back as an organization and show our community how much we support them! This quarter’s Pay It Forward is always a hit because we get to directly spread holiday cheer to those families that might need a little extra this season with our Adopt a Family campaign.

Adopt a Family with Castle Realty 2021

What is Adopt a Family? 

Our Quarter Four Pay It Forward is Adopt a Family and this is an annual pay it forward that we run. We reach out to local Coulee Region organizations looking for families that might need a little extra assistance during the holidays this year. Once we figure out the needs of our region, we select either an organization and/or local families to “adopt”. Then once we receive the family’s wish lists we start to get to work in marketing those needs to our clients, agents, vendors, and community. We definitely couldn’t do this without all of you!


What organizations do you work with for this program? 

We have worked with an assortment of local organizations throughout the 7 Rivers area. This year, we are working with New Horizon’s Outreach and Shelters to help them with their Holiday Program. This is not our first year partnering with them either, we really enjoy being able to work with them. As Jen Scaccio, Youth and Family Advocate says, “The New Horizons Holiday Program has been around for 20+ years and has evolved greatly over time thanks to community sponsors such as yourselves.” In fact, they started to be able to find sponsors for roughly 10 of their clients and now they are able to help more than 50 families/individuals totally about 120 people each year! Jen reminds us that, “This program is so much more than providing gifts to people. The survivors that we work with have been abused and controlled in ways we don’t like to even imagine, so the holidays have always been a source of painful memories. We want to change that and this program helps immensely.” Being able to take one thing off of the survivors’ already full plates is exactly why we participate in this great program.


Exemplifying “Be the Good in the World” 

Successful 2020 Adopt a FamilyWe have 6 values at Castle Realty, one of them is “Be the Good in the World” and this Pay It Forward really takes that to another level. Not only does it give to our community but it also gives our clients and agents a chance to really embrace being a part of #TheCastleFamily. Don’t take it from us though, check out why our agents and clients choose to participate in this campaign!


“I chose to participate in this Pay It Forward event because I believe strongly that it is a community’s duty to support those that need assistance. If we can help put smiles on people’s faces and ensure they can celebrate the season with a little less stress in their lives, then, why not?!” – Cortland Wood, La Crosse Expert Advisor Team Realtor® 


“I am so grateful to be able to support an organization that helps others during some of their toughest times.  Sharing and giving is truly a win-win for everyone and it brings so much happiness to all involved!” – Melissa Oates, La Crosse Expert Advisor Team Realtor®


How can YOU get involved? 

If you are interested in participating in our Adopt a Family event, please visit our Families’ Wishlist, choose an item and drop it off at our La Crosse location or have it shipped here! And as Jen reminds us, your gift “gives them hope, positive memories and takes away stress and fear. It provides positive memories and most importantly it provides safety and basic needs being met. Thank you for all you are doing to help survivors as it’s so much more to them than gifts under the tree!” Thank you for helping us provide the very best to our clients, our employees, and most importantly our community.

We will be accepting donations until Friday, December 3rd!

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