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Let’s Talk About the Castle Buyer Advantage….

Love It or List It Program

We are committed to helping you find the perfect home and that is exactly why we have a buyer guarantee program to ensure you are in love with your new home! We know how important this purchase is but also understand that it can sometimes get stressful. We will not only do our best to help you make the best decision for you and your family but we will also stand behind that purchase. Make sure you ask your agent for all the details and regulations about this incredible program!

Just Sold Experience

It’s not just about the sale for us at Castle Realty, it’s about the entire experience! Once you have closed on your home, we are only getting started with our “Just Sold Experience”! We have photo ops, closing gifts and even new address postcards! This experience allows clients to received “Just Moved” postcards fully customized with your final walk through photo, a wonderful closing gift with something for you and your new home , as well as edited photos of your final walkthrough!

Not Just a Regular Company

That’s right, we’re not just a regular company, we’re a cool company! You may have even noticed all the fun we have from our commercials, our website, social media content, or just our happy client testimonials. We are so lucky to have such a great group of clients to share such amazing moments with and we want to share them with the community as well!

Raving Fan Club

When you buy or sell with Castle, you become a client of ours for life. We want you to be as happy about your home years from now as you were the day you moved in. To accomplish that, we have established the Raving Fan Club, which gets you on our event lists, giveaway list  and our VIP events! Some of these great events include a yearly family friendly bash, date nights, seasonal giveaways and so much more! We also provide access to our office copier, fax and meeting rooms for your convenience at no extra charge.

A Whole Team to Help YOU win!

You’ve heard us say it before, but we’re going to say it again – we do things different at Castle! We function as a complete team, which means more hands on deck for YOU! We have showing agents, transaction coordinators, trucking coordinators, marketing experts and so many people to ensure your entire experience is unforgettable. Our Showing Agents will be there to assist your primary agent to ensure you are always getting into that property when you need to. Our Transaction Coordinators will be integral to help you navigate your accepted offer to your closing day and everything in between! The main goal is to make sure we help you win and working as a team, helps us do just that.

VIP Home Hunter Service

Our VIP Home Hunter Service gives you priority access with real time property alerts to Off Market Listings, coming Soon Properties and a backstage pass to the MLS, as if you were an agent. You will have the ability to see ALL the homes for sale based on your own search criteria and more importantly, you get to act on them before most agents even show them to other buyers. This service puts you in position to act quickly on some of the best deals on the market!

Business from the Heart – for our clients, staff and community!

Our mission is to distinguish ourselves by providing business from the heart to our clients, our employees and our community. To do so, Castle Realty ensures an atmosphere where growth is continual, potential is discovered, and mediocrity is never accepted. We believe our clients, our employees and our community deserves a better future and we want to help with the creation. To put our words into action, you can see us doing Pay It Forward activities, hosting fundraisers/drives and just performing Random Acts of Kindness. #CastlePaysItForward isn’t just a hashtag, it embodies who we are and what we do!

Moving Truck and/or Trailer Use!

We not only make the buying and selling of your home easy, we make moving easy too! We do this by offer FREE trailer use when moving into your new home and/or buying new furniture within the first year of your purchase! We also offer our La Crosse Moving Truck to clients for use too! Just another perk when you become a part of #TheCastleFamily!

Coming Soon Listings

We know the market is crazy so we created a special “Coming Soon” area – exclusive to our buyers! That’s right, this offers our clients an opportunity to see homes that will soon be on the market. This gives Castle buyers, YOU,  a competitive advantage, which we all know is needed in this hot market!


We can tell you all the things that make us the royalty of real estate, but don’t take it from us – take it from our clients! We are 5 Star Google rated with so many more candid, real testimonials. Want to read them all – check them out!

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