Real Estate is one of the greatest investments you can add to your personal and/or business portfolio but it doesn’t always function like the typical residential property sale. We understand this at Castle and this is exactly why we have created a specialized division with over 25 years of commercial experience. These aren’t your “typical” commercial agents, these are experienced, licensed, certified commercial agents that know the commercial world like the back of their hand. From single family rental units and multifamily homes to lease agreements and multimillion dollar buildings – our team has you covered with appraisal knowledge, building equity and professionalism that cannot be matched by any other organization. Think it sounds too good to be true – meet the team – but be prepared to be starting the next best business decision of your career – working with Castle Realty for all your commercial business needs.

Castle Realty Commercial Real Estate

Confidentiality is paramount in our approach to marketing any commercial properties. We understand that owners often seek discretion when considering the sale of their property, and we are committed to upholding their confidentiality preferences.

At our firm, we prioritize confidentiality through a rigorous process designed to safeguard sensitive information. We require all potential buyers to agree to strict confidentiality measures before any information, including property details, are disclosed.

Our dedication to confidentiality is evident throughout our selling process, with reminders and protocols in place at five key stages to reinforce the importance of discretion. This unwavering commitment sets us apart as trusted partners for commercial property owners seeking to maintain confidentiality while exploring sales opportunities.

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Meet Our Commercial Team

Jason Teynor

Jason Teynor

Commercial Agent

Meet Jason Teynor who has over 25 years in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. He is currently a Certified General Appraiser, as well as, MAI designated from the Appraisal Institute. Regardless if you’re looking to start your commercial portfolio or already well established and looking for the right agent to serve you, he is here to work for you - as well as his current clients such as banks, attorneys, accountant, private developers, local, state and Federal government... Continue Reading Here

Alan Iverson

Owner / Broker

As a REALTOR® licensed in Wisconsin & Minnesota, Alan is also the Castle Realty Broker/Owner who focuses on “Endless” ways to improve services through the team approach. Alan is a REALTOR® who combines his love for the industry with his passion for new industry standards, technology, and values. Having created Castle Realty in 2010, Alan has created the #1 sales team within the Southwestern Wisconsin/Southeastern Minnesota area serving clients at... Continue Reading Here

Alan Iverson
Chris Welnetz

Chris Welnetz

Buyers Agent

Real estate runs deep in my roots, as I grew up amidst the industry. Both my father and brother-in-law are esteemed broker-owners in North Central Wisconsin. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to work in the industry and help people find their homes.. Continue Reading Here

Gail Grimslid

Marketing Coordinator

I pride myself on ensuring that every detail matters, ensuring our clients feel like part of our team/family. Buying a home can be exciting and stressful, and communication and consistancy is hugely important for all parties involved.
In previous roles I've worked as a wedding coordinator and it's great to work with past clients who are purchasing homes now and growing their families... Continue Reading Here

Gail Grimslid

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