Multiple Sclerosis Society

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease I have known about for many years.  Hearing stories about people living with it has always evoked an empathetic and sorrowful emotion.  I couldn't imagine living with a disease that has more unknowns than knowns, never being sure of what the future holds.

February 4th of 2015, the life I planned for changed forever. After months of unusual symptoms, some recurring and some new, I was diagnosed with MS.   You never think it can happen to you, and then it does.  After the first few months, the fear and shock subsided and I was able to look at the diagnosis and prognosis in a brighter light.  I read an article that spoke about owning your story.  It talked about sharing your story even though you never asked to be the messenger. For the first time, I saw my personal story as a blessing not a curse.  If I could help anyone in any way by sharing my story, everything has happened for a reason.

I hope through my dedication to the MS Society, specifically raising money for the Patient Financial Assistance Program, I will help others going through what I went through and to offset the financial burdens that come along with the diagnosis.

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