2021: The Year to Sell Your Home

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2021 The Year to Sell Your Home

That’s right, 2021 is the year to sell your home! You probably keep hearing us talk about how incredible the market is but we really want to break it down for you why 2021 is going to be the best year yet to sell your home! (And it isn’t even all based on the market!) We understand how selling your home can seem like a daunting task, maybe even scary, sentimental, just an overall large life decision. Don’t worry, we get that! That’s why we’re giving you our top 5 reasons to sell your home this year to help you with your big decision!

  1. You Learned A lot About Yourself and Your Family This Year

    We know this may sound odd, but we are sure you learned more about yourself this year and your family than most people do in a lifetime. Maybe you learned that you do actually need an extra room for that office so you can work from home without distractions, or maybe you found out that you are in need of an outside oasis so you are able to relax without having to go anywhere, or maybe you decided the current mudroom situation is NOT working for you! Regardless of what you have learned about you, your house – this may be the right time to sell your home and get you into a new home that has everything you need and more!
  2. You Have a New Appreciation for What You Do Have

    This last year has been tough on so many but one thing this year taught us is how to be grateful for what we do have! We have been able to find the joy in the little things, find those silver linings and just take a moment to appreciate what we do have. This is great for you if you are thinking about selling your home because you will most likely not be ready to make a hasty decision. Meaning, if you are thinking about it, chances are you’re ready to sell! Your new appreciation for the little things can also help you find a suitable replacement easier than before because you may start to really enjoy the differences in the houses you see and truly start to appreciate the little quirks about your next home! You have learned to not take things for granted this year, so don’t take this incredible seller’s market for granted either!
  3. Increase in New Builds

    We continue to see an increase in new builds available for purchase and if you are thinking about selling your home, this is great news for you. This could be your chance to upgrade but without all of the additional time and energy that a new build comes with because it’s already done for you!  Who doesn’t want the glory of all new fixtures, counter tops, cabinetry, ya know, the works but not have all the work that went with it? We have seen an incredible increase in new builds and this gives you an opportunity to get into one of those. This can also be super helpful if you’re selling because there are still a lot of people who want the character and charm, therefore, your home you want to sell will be in higher demand rather than the new build!
  4. Inventory Shortage

    Yep, we said it! There is an inventory shortage in the real estate industry! There are just not enough homes for all the buyers that are out there. This allows the sellers to be in the driver seat when it comes to their home! It’s very doubtful that you’ll be impatiently waiting to sell your home either, because of the shortage homes are flying on and off the market, almost guaranteeing you a sold home in record time! You are going to get top dollar for your home when you sell! The best part of this is, when you are looking for a suitable replacement you are still going to get a great deal as a buyer because the interest rates are so low, this allows you to buy more home for a smaller amount of money. This market is really a win for you!
  5. The Market is HOTT!

    You’ve probably heard this from everyone but the market is HOT! In fact, interest rates are some of the lowest we have seen which makes home sales much more appealing! Not only are interest rates low, the average sale price has gone up too, which means you are getting more bang for your buck out of your home and even when purchasing  your suitable replacement. You are getting MORE for your money! Finally, nothing is sitting in today’s market – we can’t guarantee it – but we can tell you that we have had multiple clients who have listed their home and had multiple offers over asking price in just 24 hours. If you’re looking at the ease and accessibility of selling your home, now is the time.

There really isn’t a reason that 2021 isn’t the year to sell your home! Are you looking for even more reasons to sell your home or just looking for those next steps, CLICK HERE to get the party started!


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