Asante Ministries

We strongly believe in giving back to our community and participating in other charitable events.  Asante Ministries is one of the most fun and memorable projects we ever participated in.  We have been involved with Asante Ministries since 2014 after the Asante children's choir came to First Free Church. We hosted 3 young boys and their chaperone from Uganda while they were here. We showed them the town, Grandad Bluff, The Pearl Ice Cream Parlor, La Crescent Aquatic Center (their first time on a water slide), Children's Museum, Riverside Park, and much more. It was difficult when they had to leave. After they left on tour we visited them in Milwaukee and brought them each a picture of all of us on the bluff. We also had Christmas gifts delivered to them while they were still on tour in Texas. We kept in close contact with Henry their chaperone throughout their U.S. Tour. We eventually sponsored one of the boys; the monthly sponsorship helps to provide meals, education, and a place to live in the choir house.

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