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Whitney Hegseth: Join the Journey

My Community Commitment is Join the Journey! Join the Journey is a local 10 mile Breast Cancer Walk that myself and family have been participating in since its inception in 2005. This foundation and walk offers hope and connections among local breast cancer patients and survivors. They not only raise funds for local breast cancer research, as well as, local breast cancer supplies - they also host a one-on-one mentor program to help breast cancer patients and survivors connect and grow together. Join the Journey is near and dear to my heart, not only for the good work they do for our community, but because we are so lucky to be able to walk every year with my mother, who is a 20-year breast cancer survivor. It allows us to honor her and to honor those families who are fighting and showing breast cancer that we cannot be beaten! It is so incredibly humbling to watch my mother and other strong women continue to succeed and chase every dream they have - I am so happy, that as a family - with her by our side, we are able to honor my mother through Join the Journey! 

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