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Love it or List it

We have every confidence in our realtors, and that's why we are the only local company to offer you the "Love it or List it" one-year guarantee.

The largest investment you will ever make

The purchase of your home is probably the largest investment that you will ever make. Don't take it lightly.  We never will!

How we do it 

1) REALTOR® - We give you the best realtor

2) Castle Technology - We are on the leading edge of technology, inventing the future before any other franchise.

2) Negotiations - Our REALTORS® have mastered the art of negotiation to help you get the best price and terms.

3) Affiliates - Our recommended affliate members are among the best in the real estate industry.  We only affliate with those that can reach our same level of excellence, as it's our mission to keep you in great hands throughout the process.

4) Guarantee - We offer you a "Love It or List It" guarantee.  We are the only real estate company providing this offer.

5) Fun - Our clients consistently say that the Castle agents are the most fun.  We don't pressure, but we do offer the most education.  This decision is incredibly important.

We would be honored if you would allow us to find your "Castle." 

Fine Print

* The "Love it or List it" program is intended to ensure that you love your house.  The "Love it or List it" program doesn't cover other reasons that someone might want to sell their house.  This would include, but not be limited to job relocation, divorce, job loss, or any other reason.

** If you don't love your home, Castle Realty, LLC will list it for free.  This will include Castle Realty, LLC signage, internet advertising, open house, and more.  We will also have you sign a "Buyer Agency" to find you a Castle you love.