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Katy Wood: American Cancer Society

 My family has been hit very hard by cancer.  Out of 8 siblings on my mother’s side only one did not have cancer.  My mother was diagnosed when she was 49 and with good care from many Doctors, she lived to be 87.  Unfortunately, my sister was not as fortunate as cancer took her life at age 66.  I have a niece who was diagnosed at the age of 27 and again with fantastic care and the help of many she is now the mother of two wonderful children.  I, myself, was diagnosed when I was 39 and my prognosis was not good.  With help from a great Oncologist I too was able to be counted along with many who now survive the devastating disease. 

I am currently putting together a team for the Sole Burner La Crosse Hula Hustle!  It is a 5k walk in hula gear to benefit The American Cancer Society.  Please join me on April 17th at United Healthcare for this great cause.

I am also a supperter of the MS Society.

Cures need to be found for both diseases and I hope it can happen soon. I look forward walking at Sole Burner La Crosse Hula Hustle, Steppin’ Out In Pink and the MS Great Strides Walk this year!

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